Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday - Team Black

Weekly Weight In - Down 1.1 lbs!!

I've written a little about my goals for 2010 - one of them being weight loss.

After the birth of H, I lost 35 of the 45lbs I gained which means I was up 10lbs when I got pregnant with J. He is 7 months old now and I have lost 25 of the 35lbs I gained while pregnant with him. If you do that math right, that means I am up a total of 20 pounds after having two kids.

I was delighted when I found out I would be participating in the Blog the Weight Away challenge hosted by 4BabyandMom. By being a member of Team Black, I am hoping that will keep me accountable and help me achieve my goal of a 25 pound weight loss by July 1, 2010. That will put me at 150 lbs. The same I weighed on my wedding day 5 years ago.

I am using the EA Sports Active and Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board as my home "gym". I am also trying to be more vigilant about portion sizes but I am not yet going as far as to count points (although I would considering doing that if necessary).

Join me and my team as we strive for success on our weight loss journey!


Paula said...

Good luck on your Weight Loss journey!

Paula from the Purple Team

Colleen said...

Welcome to blogging the weight away...I am also a Wii user and LOVE it!

Lauren @4BabyAndMom said...

Welcome to the competition! I wish you tons of success getting to your goal!

Reiza said...

How do you like the EA Sports? I'm curious about that. I've had good luck with the Wii Fit, but I'm hearing good things about EA as well.

Best of luck. I'm on the Green Team and it's so wonderful seeing all the fantastic folks who are banding together to help each other lose once and for all.

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